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    PC_EYE/ASYNC offers up to four monochrome camera interfaces, all of which can be operated completely asynchronously. As a result it can replace four complete grabbers in many cases. When used with four cameras at an analog bandwidth of 40 MHz it makes good use of the PCI Express bandwidth of 250 MByte/s (in this case x1). This innovation is of course also completely FPGA-based and obviously supports restart cameras as well as many non-standard formats.

    PC_EYE/QUADRO and PC_EYE/RGB are versions that have been designed for four synchronized cameras or for RGB color cameras.

    PC_EYE/MONO is the entry level solution for monochrome cameras that also supports industrial cameras.

    The new PC_EYE/SEC is a comprehensive solution for Framegrabber security applications. Just like its PCI predecessor, it offers four MPEG-4 compression units and audio inputs as well as outputs in addition to 16 parallel color-camera interfaces and JPEG hardware compression. This functionality is enhanced by a fast PCI Express interface.

    Conclusion: ELTEC offers a complete family of Framegrabbers.


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    Distributore ed OEM di importanti case produttrici di schede elettroniche  "open standard"  per applicazioni industriali scientifiche


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    La linea di prodotti  AcroPack® aggiorna  la tradizionale famiglia  di moduli I/O Industry Pack I/O con un'interfaccia PCIe.

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